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ALCMI’s inaugural, multi-center research project collects repeated tumor and and blood samples from advanced stage lung cancer patients. CASTLE provides molecular (genetic) testing for enrolled patients to ensure more informed patient and physician decision-making and to establish a lung cancer “standard of care.” In contrast to the limited scope/duration of other research initiatives, the CASTLE study provides a foundational resource enabling scientists to ask and answer the next questions. Current CASTLE substudies include: identifying and targeting cancer stem cells; screening for activating mutations impacting patient immune responses to cancer cells; enabling early detection by screening for circulating tumor cells; and development and testing of anti-cancer vaccines. As the majority of CASTLE sites are community hospitals, ALCMI is delivering advancements to patients where they live and connecting front-line clinicians to leading academic-based researchers.

Study Summary

  • Hypothesis

    Understanding the biology of lung cancer in advanced disease provides discovery insights into all stages of disease.

  • Study Plan

    Provides free diagnostic and predictive testing while also prospectively collecting tumor, blood (plasma, serum, circulating tumor cells, DNA/RNA), and clinical data.

  • Key Differentiatiors

    – Molecular testing, community access
    – Rational therapeutic decisions/improved outcomes
    – Partnerships with biopharmaceutical and diagnostics companies

How to Participate

Closed to enrollment.