Genomics of Young Lung Cancer Study

UPDATE (May 22, 2021): The results of this study have been published in JTO Clinical Research and Reports. Click here to read the full text article.


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In breast cancer and leukemia, research has demonstrated that diagnosis at a younger age is associated with a distinct biology and natural history; however, lung cancer biology in the young (under 40) has never been systematically studied. Technological advances, such as next-generation sequencing, now provide tools to study lung cancer genetics in younger patients who typically do not express common mutations. ALCMI will use this sequencing to determine whether young lung cancers harbor a distinctive spectrum of genetic mutations requiring individualized management. Studying this biologically unique population may also identify new genetic sub-types needing targeted treatment strategies. This exciting study leverages ALCMI’s network of cancer centers/research management systems and ALCF’s patient outreach.


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This study is closed to enrollment.