Current Research Initiatives

ALCMI, as a patient-centric research organization, represents a new model of directed research, and advances novel diagnostics and therapeutics that directly improve patient outcomes. ALCMI projects go to where the patients are and open up new channels of access for enrollment, making research and the benefits of participation more accessible to patients with cancer, who have historically been grossly under-represented in clinical trials.

Our research consortium directly facilitates and drives genetic (molecular) testing, therapeutic discoveries, targeted treatments and early detection. Leveraging ALCMI’s infrastructures, we have rapidly developed and implemented a uniquely promising portfolio of innovative, patient-centric translational research projects.

CASTLE Network Study

This clinical trial enables molecular testing for informed therapeutic decision-making by patients and their physicians while also centrally collecting tumor, DNA, RNA and blood samples with clinical data, establishing a one-of-a-kind platform for researchers globally.


The study seeks to demonstrate how an inherited gene in some lung cancer patients could serve as an early detection screening for family members and, as importantly, if this gene raises the risk of developing lung cancer in individuals and families in the first place.

This is the first study of inherited cancer genetics that starts with the cancer patient who then approaches their blood relatives (parents, siblings, children, etc.) to consider participating as well.

Genomics of Young Lung Cancer Study

A pioneering cross-Atlantic effort, this study is collecting and sequencing tumor and blood samples in patients first diagnosed under age 40. This study aims to identify acquired and inherited risk factors while providing personalized treatment guidance to enrolled patients today.