Privacy Policy

We provide this notice explaining our information and communication practices in regards to the privacy of our donors, both online and offline. For the purposes of this policy, donors are defined as: individual donors, sponsors, visitors, website visitors, partners, vendors, outside contractors, event participants, program participants and/or volunteers.

Collected information and how it’s used

Two types of information are collected:

  1. Personal information voluntarily provided to us
  2. Standard web server or visitor traffic information, commonly referred to as “aggregate information” regarding overall Website traffic patterns. (We do not report on individual user sessions. Normally, web servers collect this type of basic information as part of their web log processes)

We take your privacy seriously. The Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute (“ALCMI”) will never trade, share or sell your personal information or aggregate information with anyone else, nor send mailings on behalf of other organizations. To opt-out of any communications from us, please send us an email at info@alcmi.org or call 650-598-2857 or send us a letter.

Any personal information collected by ALCMI is stored in a secure location accessible only by authorized staff and used for the following purposes:

  • Acknowledgement for transactions, contributions or donations
  • Distribution of receipts for transactions, contributions or donations
    • Solicit donations or participation in events benefiting ALCMI
    • Inform donors about news, upcoming events, research or other activities related to ALCMI and its mission and vision
  • Reporting to relevant federal and state agencies as required by IRS guidelines
  • Internal analysis and reporting

In the case of memorial contributions and honor contributions, a personalized letter is sent to a designated recipient at the request of the donor. Therefore, we will request the name, mailing address, telephone number and email address for the designated recipient. This information is only used for the purpose of sending an acknowledgement letter to the recipient.

Personal information and donor information

There are instances when ALCMI requests individually identifiable information from its donors. Some examples of where information might be collected are:

  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Event participation
  • Product ordering
  • Subscriptions
  • Information requests
  • Contributions or donations

Personal information we may request includes: full name, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, subject of inquiry or donor comments which will not be traded, shared, or sold to anyone else nor will we send mailings on behalf of other organizations.

In the case of contributions or product ordering:

We maintain records of all contributions to ALCMI. Personal information is private and confidential. Additionally, all information is stored in a secure location accessible only by authorized staff. ALCMI may contact you with further communications.

We process standard credit card information (card number, card type, expiration date) via a secure, encrypted SSL session. SSL is the proven standard for secure web messaging transactions. Our security measures are upgraded continuously and appropriately.

Through the use of a unique cookie id, we save previous donation information as a time saving convenience for donors. The “cookie” is used during a secure, encrypted SSL session when contributing online.

To opt-out of our communications or restrict donor information, please email us at info@alcmi.org or call 650-598-2857 or send us a letter.

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