Although philanthropy can assume many forms (scholarships, grants, humanitarian aid, public buildings, etc), all philanthropy is distinguished by the profound impact that it has on improving and enhancing the quality of life for people.

Helping the Lung Cancer Foundation (BJALCF) to transform the Lung Cancer landscape — making it a chronic, manageable disease and ultimately making it a curable disease — will require the dedication and brilliance of doctors and scientists, millions of dollars and hundreds of days AND the philanthropy of generous donors who think big.

If you and your family, your business or corporation, would like to be among the philanthropic leaders who want to change the future for mankind in a critical way, please contact: Dani Gasparini, Executive Vice President & Director of Strategic Initiatives (dgasparini@lungcancerfoundation.org // 650-598-2857).

Your philanthropy will be life changing!