Photo Submission

Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us! We hope to use some of them in the near future to help promote participation in ALK+ lung cancer research studies like SPACEWALK and ENIGMA (launching soon). But we’ll also keep them for use in the future. You’ll be notified before any photos are used and you’ll have the opportunity to decline.

ALK+ Photo Submission Form

ALK Photo Submission

Photo Guidelines:

  • The largest and highest resolution file you have is best. Ideally, that would be 1000 pixels or more on each side. If you only have a smaller version, please share it anyway!
  • Please include the original, uncropped image as that will help us fit it into areas that may require different aspect ratios (e.g. vertical, square, horizontal). If there's a certain way you think it should be cropped, you can include a copy of the image showing that crop.
  • If there are multiple people in the photo, please use the comments box to let us know which one is you.
  • Do not upload or share images that you don't have permission to upload. If you want to use a photo that is owned/taken by someone else, please include it, but note in the comments box below whom we need to contact for permission to use it.
  • Thank you!
Photo Upload (multiples allowed) *
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
I understand that this photo may be used by ALCMI in social media posts, advertising studies, on the website, or for other purposes in connection with with ALCMI's mission. By checking "I agree" and signing below, I certify that I have the ownership rights to release these photos for such use and grant ALCMI license to use them at no cost.